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central, telephone Trade, exchange - a workplace that serves as a telecommunications facility where by lines from telephones is often connected collectively to allow communication

providers - effectiveness of duties or provision of Area and tools valuable to Other people; "the mayor tried to take care of metropolis companies"; "the health care solutions are excellent"

work - the occupation for which you're paid out; "he is seeking employment"; "many consumers are away from work"

exploit, work - use or manipulate to 1's benefit; "He exploit The brand new taxation procedure"; "She is aware ways to work the technique"; "he works his mothers and fathers for sympathy"

telecommuting, teleworking - employment in the home although speaking Along with the workplace by cellphone or fax or modem

8. (Mechanical Engineering) any piece of fabric that is certainly going through a producing Procedure or approach; workpiece

You employ the progressive -ing form of work to discuss A brief job, but uncomplicated forms to discuss a long-lasting occupation.

This calculation is usually generalized for a continuing drive that isn't directed alongside the line, followed by the particle. In cases like this the dot products File ⋅ ds = File cos θ ds, the place θ could be the angle in between the drive vector and the course of movement,[six] that is definitely

work - exert oneself by carrying out psychological or physical work for any intent or from requirement; "I'll work tricky to enhance my grades"; "she worked really hard for greater dwelling circumstances for that poor"

pull a person's body weight - do 1's share in a standard process; "Bob has never pulled his body weight, and most of us have to work more durable to create up for his laziness"

method, Procedure - a procedure or number of functions Specially of a functional or mechanical mother nature linked to a certain sort of work; "the functions in building a household"; "particular work at home machine Resource operations"

work - exert oneself by executing mental or Actual physical work for just a goal or away from necessity; "I will work hard to boost my grades"; "she worked tough for greater dwelling ailments to the lousy"

So it would be me projecting my dreams onto Archer to want to only get far from work for any handful of months.

c : to exert oneself bodily or mentally specifically in sustained effort for just a function or underneath compulsion or necessity

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