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/concept /verifyErrors This is a good illustration of how the phrase is utilized. The term in the example sentence would not match the entry phrase.

chelation - (medication) the process of removing a weighty metal from the bloodstream by means of a chelate as in managing guide or mercury poisoning

The above mentioned description applies to both processes managed by an functioning technique, and processes as defined by process calculi.

A citizen of a foreign region who seeks to enter The usa frequently must 1st get a U.S. visa, that's positioned during the traveler’s passport, a vacation doc issued through the traveler’s place of citizenship.

The slim Portion of the base in the occipital bone, in front of the foramen magnum, articulating Using the sphenoid bone. Synonym: pars basilaris ossis occipitalis

b : a pure continuing activity or purpose this kind of daily life processes as breathing as well as the circulation from the blood

Small business indian visa process modeling, activity of symbolizing processes of the business so as to deliver enhancements

reversible process - any process where a method is usually designed to pass through exactly the same states while in the reverse purchase in the event the process is reversed

→ عَمَلِيَّة proces proces Verfahren διαδικασία proceso prosessi processus proces processo 過程 과정 proces prosess proces processo процесс process กระบวนการ işlem quá trình 过程

spinous process of vertebra a Element of a vertebra projecting backward within the arch, giving attachment to muscles from the back.

two : a well known or projecting Portion of an organism or natural structure a bone process a nerve cell process

A. In fact I was just diagnosed with ADHD. I'm fifty seven. My medical doctor despatched me to some phyciatrist, and he questioned me a number of issues. Gave me a scrip and want to view me back in a month. I answered 26 thoughts, and he rated on my answers.

Soon thereafter, the notion of a "software" was expanded into the notion of an "executing method and its context". The concept of a process was born, which also grew to become vital Using the creation of re-entrant code.

spine - a pointy rigid animal process or appendage; to be a porcupine quill or perhaps a ridge over a bone or simply a ray of a fish fin

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